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The information we get from our genome can have a direct impact on so much, including how, or if, we can be treated for certain types of disease -- that is the nature ... Two years ago I noticed that my walking and balance got worse and standing a while gave me back pains.

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So I developed a rash around stoma which runs to edge of flange. Tried the dandruff shampoo and butt cream treatments twice but no improvement. A spine surgeon confirmed bulging disks, scoliosis and lower back fractures, but said, he could do nothing for me. He has had 12 chemo treatments his fingers and feet are feeling a little like they are asleep . He had a little after each treatment but got better after two or three days it has been a week since last treatment.

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Half the week, I was a single father working hard to provide a stable home for my children in the midst of an unstable time.

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Since finishing treatment six months earlier, I had been on three other dates, none of which had ended well.

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